About the Book

“A few weeks ago, Dave felt like he was on top of the world. He was the owner of a large company which employed fifteen people. He was married to a wonderful and successful woman. And to top it all off, he and his wife were only months away from having their first child. But life doesn’t always turn out the way you expect it…

Today, Dave finds himself unemployed, separated, with almost no money to his name… and if that wasn’t enough. He now has to find a way to accept the fact that his dream of becoming a father will have to be put on hold…”

Join author, singer/songwriter, Rémi Boudreau as he shares his personal journey through his writing and his music.

The book is filled with concepts that we can all understand and is written in words that speak to the soul. The soundtrack takes the heart on a journey of its own. Together they masterfully tell Rémi’s story, while allowing you to feel his sorrow, acceptance, reckoning and emerging joy.

Listen to Rémi's interview with Francois Bourque during the CFBO 90.7 FM weekly show "Les BO Succès" (french only).
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