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FUSION 2013 - Blessings & a BIG life lesson

Saturday afternoon, (September 14th 2013) as I walked into the Moncton Casino for a sound check for Matt LeBlanc's FUSION show that was to be held that night, it struck me as to what can be achieved when a person dreams big and then believes.

I remember having doubts when Matt first shared his vision for the evening with me. But the words Matt told me that day have stayed with me... "Do your part (the story) and let me worry about the rest"

This has resulted in a really big life lesson for me...

If we all do our part and let others worry about theirs (in what ever it is we're a part of)... Imagine how much easier it all becomes...

It's when we fuse all of those individual parts together that we witness the powerful magic of teamwork...

I feel blessed to have been a part of the team that has helped bring this big vision to life.

FUSION 2013 has brought many blessings into my life... 

b2ap3_thumbnail_Remi--Robyn-aka-Aliyah.jpgFIRST: I got to witness one of my stories come to life on stage with the help of an incredible cast of performers and dancers... especially Robyn Esson who played the part of Aliyah - the single drop of water. It's impossible for me to describe the feeling of seeing the story unfold live on stage...

SECOND: I got to have one of my original songs become the backdrop for an incredible original choreography... not to mention that I also got to play that song live on stage as the dance was performed.

THIRD: Perhaps the most important blessing/lesson for me was the fact that I was able to detach myself from my individual contribution and not have my ego start this internal dialogue of "yeah but this was all possible because of my this and my that". Instead, I was able to take a step back and appreciate the big picture as it all unfolded in front of my eyes as I got to appreciate the fact that none of it would have been possible without each one of those individual contributions...

Just like no river could ever be without the millions of individual drops of water... none more important than the other.

I am grateful... I am excited... I am blessed...

Much love,

Remi :)

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Every season has a reason

If you were to look back on your life and try to divide it into different seasons (like I talk about in my book, The Life Gardener) perhaps there have been a few of them that you're not particularly proud of. But trying to see each one from a perspective of "there had to be a good reason for this" can be the difference in you living a life of regret and you making the best of what you have.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Channing-Tatum.jpgAn example I like to use when I'm speaking in front of a group is the story of a man called, Channing Tatum. If you're a lady (or if you've been paying attention to what your lady has been talking about this past year), you'll know that Channing was the lead role in the hit movie "Magic Mike".

Why is this important?

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Change and Transitions

b2ap3_thumbnail_Dec-21-2012.jpgDecember 21st 2012 was a significant day for change.

First, it marked the official start of winter.

Second, it marked the end of an era for humankind. What this means exactly isn’t quite clear to most of us and to say that opinions about the meaning of this day are far in between is a major understatement. But still the Mayan’s have marked it as the end of something and the beginning of something new. Without going into too much details as to what I believe the change will mean, I can tell you that I predict we’ll see human beings do things we only thought to be possible in movies. And I personally believe that children are going to be the lead actors in this new reality.

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Every river leads to the same ocean

b2ap3_thumbnail_Twisting-River.jpgI invite you to take a moment to reflect on your life... your journey... and where you see yourself traveling.

This journey of yours has had many twists and turns along the way. Sure sometimes you felt like you were moving away from your objectives but eventually you realized that this was only a small detour which led you right back traveling towards your destination. And however you choose to call this destination... your reason for being... in a way we are all heading towards the same place.
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Is it Black or White? (How about both!)

We have all heard the saying "There are two sides to every story" or "There are two sides to every coin".

Both talk about the same idea... two people can view the exact same coin, be part of the exact same conversation, or witness the exact same event and take away completely different experiences to share with others. But who's right?

The way we experience life is all about how we perceive it... if we are to look at a coin for instance and try to describe it to someone else, we might be trying to convince others that this coin has the face of a queen on it... while the other tries to convince everyone that we are wrong since the coin obviously has a moose on it. While both are describing the exact same coin, they failed to understand that this coin has 2 sides. Of course, this example is straight forward enough and wouldn't last too long in a debate (I hope).

But what about less obvious situations we sometimes fight over. You're wrong... I'm right! No you're wrong... I'm right! Think about any situation where such words have been spoken... now try to imagine the possibility that perhaps both are right (and wrong).

Take these black doves for instance...

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But I have proof...

It seems it doesn't matter whether we are "right" or "wrong", our mind will always be able to find evidence to support our beliefs... even when those beliefs contradict themselves.

But by listening to our feelings, our body, our thoughts, our heart and our intuitions... we will be better equipment to discern what is and isn't true to us.

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Can you F.L.Y.?

Not only is it better for your own personal fulfilment and joy to do so... it's also a blessing for the people in your life...

To F.L.Y. is to be free...
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I had a good reason...

Every day we make countless choices, from...

  • What food to eat (or not)
  • What clothes to wear (or not)
  • Which people to interact with (or not)
  • Which words to express (or not)
  • Which feelings to share (or not).

And each one of those choices is the result of a very personal IRP (Internal Reasoning Process).

Of course, not everyone will understand (or accept) the full truth of those choices at times (including ourselves)… but somewhere inside, each one of those choices made sense to the decision maker and served a purpose.

Sure, some of our decisions are still infected by various fears of ours… but who can claim a history of decision making based solely out of love?

The important thing is not to try to understand how or why those choices were made but to instead focus on how to respond to them… and it doesn’t matter if we are talking about the choices made by others or ourselves...

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If life is a game...

... there is only one rule:

Nobody truly "wins"...
                         until everybody wins.

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Beyond the light

LIGHT (noun): The natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible.

Light allows us to see what would otherwise be covered with darkness and therefore unseen (or unknown) to us. Yet, while this light may not shine everywhere all at once, I know we can all agree that the absence of light does not result in an absence of presence in the physical world. After all, a room that is submerged in darkness does come to life when its light is turned on.

With such a definition, it’s also easy to see why “light” has become associated with ideas, knowledgeunderstanding. Who doesn’t remember those cartoons we watched as kids (and young adults) in which this light bulb magically appeared over the head of a beloved character who suddenly got an idea. Even our day to day expressions reinforces this concept...
"Can you shed some light on this?" or "I don't like to be left in the dark".  Both of those expressions refer to "light" (or absence of it) as knowledge or understanding.

So why is it that we have so much difficulty accepting the fact that existence can be present beyond “our light”? I say “our light” because each one of us holds on to a light that illuminates different parts of this world… parts of this world that were previously covered with darkness until our unique experiences have led us to new  understanding, wisdom, knowledge and ideas.

Not everyone has been saved by an Angel…
But does that mean that they’re not there protecting us (or that they don’t exist)?

Not everyone has received help from the Fairies…
But does that mean that they’re not there helping us (or that they don’t exist)?

Not everyone can feel, heal or see a person’s energy…
But does that mean that it can’t be done (or that it doesn’t exist)?

If we were to take a thousand flashlights and point them all in the same direction… we'd never illuminate as much area as if we each pointed a light in different directions. So let’s not discount the light of others but rather embrace the fact that it’s illuminating a different part of this vast world we are still exploring…

Because the full picture will only be revealed once there is light shining everywhere...

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Abstract Art for an Abstract World

A few months ago, I had the great pleasure of going on a 9 day tour with my dear friend Matt LeBlanc who now earns a living creating abstract art.

During our countless hours of driving we of course had many discussions… one of which struck a chord with me. Matt explained to me that he never shares with his fans the meaning (or inspiration) behind any of his paintings. When I asked him why, this is what he said “Because I don’t want to influence how people interpret and experience my work”.

I was a bit surprised by his answer but couldn’t stop thinking that there was a lot of wisdom in what he had just said… and then 9 weeks later I understood why.

In my book, The Life Gardener, I say that “Life is a piece of art, but only a few choose to hold their own brush.”  

The idea I’m trying to convey in that part of my book is that we are all responsible for our own life whether we have chosen to  accept that responsibility or not. But thinking back to what Matt shared with me, I’m now seeing that there is a bit more to this analogy than I initially thought of. If we are indeed the artist of this beautiful abstract piece of art that is our life (as I believe), wouldn’t it be wise to leave the interpretation of it in the hands of others? Meaning, is it necessary… or even possible, for us to have the people in our surroundings view and interpret our masterpiece exactly as we intended?

People will always share their interpretation, opinion or thoughts about art, situations, people and events in life. This sharing is in large part how we learn from each other… so let’s not stop! The problem is that too often the sharing turns into an attempt to change the other person’s interpretation.

When we encounter people who have different views, difference beliefs, different opinions or even different ways of approaching any of life’s challenges… I believe we should remind ourselves that our perception is not always the “right” or only one. It is only our personal interpretation of the work that is being created by a fellow artist…

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Are you using your inner compass?

Imagine yourself traveling towards an unfamiliar place and even though you have programmed your GPS to help guide you to it… you decide not to consult it during your journey.
Life is such a journey. And even though we don’t have an actual GPS attached to us, we do have something very similar to it…
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Fire vs Water (Who wins?)

If water enters a battle against fire with even forces… water always wins.

To illustrate, imagine yourself sitting near a camp fire.  If you were to throw drops of water at it, would you be able to extinguish the fire?  But what if you were to take a bucket of water roughly the size of the fire and dump it all over it… wouldn't that extinguish the fire?

We live in a time where fear seems nearly impossible to overcome.  It appears as if one person does not stand a chance against big corporations who fear losing their power in their markets or governments who fear losing control over their people or society who fears there aren't enough jobs, money and resources for everyone.
So what are we to do?
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Resolutions & Water Stains

The New Year is a time when a lot of people make resolutions for the upcoming year.  However, as you might have already experienced, those resolutions rarely last very long.  And to explain why I believe that is the case, let me give you a comparison that relates to painting.

Imagine, if you will, that your roof is leaking and water has started to drip from your ceiling and onto your dining room table.  Looking at the ceiling, you would most likely notice that the paint has started to peel and that the water has left a brown stain.

The problem with most resolutions is that they typically focus on the surface of the problem and not the real source of the problem.  In my example, if you were to hire me to come over to repair and repaint the ceiling, would that fix your problem?  Maybe at first, but in time the same thing would happen because the water issue (the real source of the problem) has not been fixed.

Now, think about this for a second... whether it's exercising, eating better or anything else you may have set as your New Year resolution, could it be that it's simply not the real source of the problem?  Is there perhaps a deeper reason as to why you are having difficulty with what ever it is you decided to change.

I say, find the source of the problem... this way, you won't need to make the same resolution year after year.
Happy New Year!!!
Remi :)
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The true source of inspiration

When feeling inspired, is it fair (or right) to send the credit of this experience outwards?
Meaning, is this inspiration really coming from the beautiful painting, the majestic scenery or even that incredible person you just saw or met?
After reading and studying the concept of inspiration for many years now, I have come to understand that inspiration can only come from within.  Certain experiences can help us access that inspiration, but to forget that it still came from inside of us is only leaving us dependent to such outside stimuli.  
To illustrate what I mean, imagine being trapped inside a room with absolutely no light (therefore pitch black and cold).  You don't know this, but there is a window for this room, only the blinds are closed and sealed tight.  If someone comes in and opens up this blind, should you credit that person for the light and warmth that is now filling your room?
While, you can (and should) show your appreciation to the person, painting or event for opening up the blinds to your room... you should not discredit yourself as having something to do with the experience.  You see, inspiration is a message from your soul (a message that you were able to hear or understand during that brief moment).  
So in reality, this message really came from inside of you :)
Live YOUR life... Inspired from the Inside
And not... Motivated by the Outside
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Money for nothing... (how that system changed everything)

There was a time when people did not work for a pay cheque or profits, they would get up in the morning and go out producing crops (or items of value).  And because one person could not produce every item his family would need, he would produce extra of what he knew best, and then exchange the extra with other producers in the region.
As time evolved, people found it easier to exchange crops & items with coins or notes (which they could then use to exchange with others).  It's much easier to carry a dozen coins than a dozen pigs ;)
Over time the system evolved some more and the banking industry was created.  This system allowed you to receive some coins and notes (now referred to as money) without needing to give the bank any products in return.  In a way the bank was giving you a gift... as long as you promised to give it back at some point (with interest).
Over time, this phenomenon created a mind set where people started believing that they were entitled to purchase items of value even if they couldn't afford to pay for them (or produce anything of equal value in return).  And so the simple concept of exchanging value for equal value evolved into a game of strategy, outwit and con.
The current reality, unfortunately, is that some individuals and companies consider trading as a game where you "win" if you can get AS MUCH MONEY in exchange for AS LITTLE VALUE AS POSSIBLE (the difference is where big profits come from).
So how can we return to the very simple principle of exchanging value for equal value.  The first step in my opinion, is to switch our thinking from "I need to work to make money..." to "I need to produce so I can contribute".
So instead of trying to produce everything that you need for living... why not produce more of what you are best at (like they would do years ago)?  Then you can exchange the extra for other crops or items of value you need for your life.  Sure you'll be getting money for you production (or contribution), but in return you will have given REAL VALUE.
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What I want the world to know...

We live in a time of endless possibilities… a time where there is such a big difference between the old and the new that people are afraid to change… to move on… to be left behind.

I want to help people discover their own potential… I want people to know that they have a right – and a duty – to show the world their unique skills.  They have a right to ask for our support as they develop and polish those skills.  We are all in this together; no one is better or worse than anybody else.  We were each given a unique set of skills which we are meant to utilize and develop for the continued evolution of the world.
I want people to know that we are all responsible for our own experience in this life.  We bring to ourselves situations and events so that we may learn and benefit from them.  No one ever said that life was easy… but with this new kind of courage, we can, by working together, make it an inspired and beautiful place to live.
People are afraid of their own potential, that’s why we hesitate to believe our own psychic visions or intuitions (or the ones of others)… and I believe that the new world will see a rise in our ability and duty to follow such guidance… giving birth to a new reality and conciousness for us all... one where we all follow through on the ideas and visions we receive and consider them blessings from the above.

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Promising dilemma

Should you ever break a promise you made to someone else?

If it's to keep a promise you made to yourself... I say yes!

Of course, this is not an easy subject to bring up (to say the least)... but does this mean that we need to avoid it or hide from it?

For the most part, people have the greatest intentions when making promises such as "I will love you for the rest of my life".  But when circumstances (or people) change along the way, is it really best to stick with something that is simply making both of you miserable (and most likely, the people around you)?

Sure you made a promise that you intended to keep... but you also made a promise to yourself long before making any sort of promise to others...

  • You promised yourself you'd pursue a life of meaning and fulfillment.  
  • You promised yourself you would navigate through life using joy as your compass.  
  • You promised yourself you would learn and teach lessons of life... lessons of love.

And while it may not seem like an act of "love" to break a promise made to another.  If it's to keep a promise to yourself, so that both of you can be happier in time as a result... well, that is most certainly an act of love.
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Your contribution... (a gift to the world)

Have you ever stopped and wondered if you were hiding a part of yourself from the rest of the world? 
You see, we were all given a mission for our life, a purpose or calling... but most of us fear exploring this path because it may not already have been walked on.  Meaning, you might have to create this path without knowing exactly where it will lead you.
So instead we conform to what others expect of us (the majority wins in this case).  We go through life asking questions such as...
  • What would people want to buy from me?
  • Which College are my friends attending next year?
  • What would my parents think of this?
  • Would others laugh at this idea?
  • Is this even a good idea?
  • Can I make money with this?  If so, how much?
And as we search and research how to be the best personcompany or employerthe world would like us to be... we fail to look INSIDE OF US and therefore sacrifice our own self-acceptance and self-worth.
Henri Ford is famous for saying the following...
"If I would have asked others what they wanted, they would have said faster horses"
But instead, Henry Ford, believed he could make automobiles accessible to more people by mass producing them.  And so he did... 
The important thing to point out here is that while there's no doubt that Henry Ford, with the success of his Ford empire, changed the world as we knew it... his contribution is no more important than yours.  The impact of each one of our contributions to this world can not be measured by the perception others have of it, but instead only by the fulfillment it brings to the individual in question.  
  • If it feels like you are living your purpose (a meaningful life)... you are making tremendous contributions to our world.  No matter how big or small that contribution may seem to others.
  • If you feel resentment towards others who appear to be more successful than you... you have yet to discover the fulness of your own purpose.
So perhaps it's now time for you to turn your attention elsewhere... look inside... and discover the Gift you were meant to share with the rest of us.  We can't wait!
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The power is shifting... (once again)

There used to be a time when individuals would not only associate more with their career, it was also their identity, who they were.  There was the local doctor, the mailman, the nurse, the butcher, the baker and many others.  And during those days, everyone seemed to be treating their customers as they would their neighbors.  Of course, in most cases, they literally were.
Then some businesses realized that, by marketing to a larger group of people, more customers would come to their store and buy their product or service.  This meant more money in the bank for those businesses.  And with this extra money, they invested in some more marketing and made advertizing promises to an even higher number of people.  Television, Radio, Newspaper Ads… all of those cost a lot of money and for the people who had some, it meant they’d make even more.  In time, those businesses distanced themselves from the other smaller ones to a point of even being perceived as untouchable.  And for the longest time they were…
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