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Change and Transitions

b2ap3_thumbnail_Dec-21-2012.jpgDecember 21st 2012 was a significant day for change.

First, it marked the official start of winter.

Second, it marked the end of an era for humankind. What this means exactly isn’t quite clear to most of us and to say that opinions about the meaning of this day are far in between is a major understatement. But still the Mayan’s have marked it as the end of something and the beginning of something new. Without going into too much details as to what I believe the change will mean, I can tell you that I predict we’ll see human beings do things we only thought to be possible in movies. And I personally believe that children are going to be the lead actors in this new reality.

And third, at least for me and Sandra, it marked the first day of the rest of our life as a single unit since I have chosen to ask her to marry me… and she said yes.

In all three of those examples the difference between what came before that date and what’s to come after it is significant. But lasting change doesn’t happen at the flick of a switch… or the sudden arrival of a new calendar day. No… change is the result of a transition period.

The winter weather transitions into spring and then into summer. Summer weather transitions into fall and then winter again. Two single people start dating each other and slowly build the foundation to perhaps build a life together.

So the question I have for you today is this… how many times have you tried to bring change into your life and bypass that transition period?

How many times have you tried to start a diet or exercise program at a specific date and have this “change” last only a few weeks? Change is a very natural life process… it’s inevitable. Yet when we try to bring about certain changes into our life we try to force or speedup this process.

So next time you are thinking about bringing about some changes into your life why not give yourself permission to transition into it instead of putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to change instantly on a specific date. 

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