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Every season has a reason

If you were to look back on your life and try to divide it into different seasons (like I talk about in my book, The Life Gardener) perhaps there have been a few of them that you're not particularly proud of. But trying to see each one from a perspective of "there had to be a good reason for this" can be the difference in you living a life of regret and you making the best of what you have.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Channing-Tatum.jpgAn example I like to use when I'm speaking in front of a group is the story of a man called, Channing Tatum. If you're a lady (or if you've been paying attention to what your lady has been talking about this past year), you'll know that Channing was the lead role in the hit movie "Magic Mike".

Why is this important?

Because believe it or not, Channing came forward during an episode of Saturday Night Live a few years ago and embraced the fact that he had worked as a stripper years back before his acting career took off.

So don't shy away from your past. We all have moments from our past we'd probably prefer forget about... but try to embrace them for what they were - each season had a reason and each one has brought you to a very important point in time... today!

So let's all make a commitment together to once and for all accept all of who we are as individuals.

Remi :)

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