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Is it Black or White? (How about both!)

We have all heard the saying "There are two sides to every story" or "There are two sides to every coin".

Both talk about the same idea... two people can view the exact same coin, be part of the exact same conversation, or witness the exact same event and take away completely different experiences to share with others. But who's right?

The way we experience life is all about how we perceive it... if we are to look at a coin for instance and try to describe it to someone else, we might be trying to convince others that this coin has the face of a queen on it... while the other tries to convince everyone that we are wrong since the coin obviously has a moose on it. While both are describing the exact same coin, they failed to understand that this coin has 2 sides. Of course, this example is straight forward enough and wouldn't last too long in a debate (I hope).

But what about less obvious situations we sometimes fight over. You're wrong... I'm right! No you're wrong... I'm right! Think about any situation where such words have been spoken... now try to imagine the possibility that perhaps both are right (and wrong).

Take these black doves for instance...

Life’s On The Line
But I have proof...