About the Album  - "Official Soundtrack for the Book The Life Gardener"

Why create a soundtrack for the book?

I’ve been a singer/songwriter for most of my life. But at age 18 something happened that made me give up on that passion completely. Following that incident, which is fully detailed in the book, I moved to another city and started my own painting business. I experienced quite a bit of success my first year running a business and slowly started to see money, possessions and status as the “real” definition of success. With the years that passed, I got so invested in this false sense of personal success that I dug myself deeper and deeper into debt as I tried to convince the world that I was “successful” by displaying a lifestyle I simply couldn’t afford.

But one day it all caught up to me and I simply couldn’t ignore it anymore. I knew I had to make drastic changes in my life and attempt to reconnect with the real me and redefine this image I had of success. That’s when I started to play and write music again.

I’ve always written music to help me through difficult times. And this journey I undertook years ago brought me lots of those. And while this was not something I had planned or anything, as I was sharing my story in my book it only seemed fitting to have those songs, which were instrumental in helping me overcome all of those obstacles and turn them into “Lessons Learned”, to be part of it as well.

Video about the album