A VISIONARY… in search for his INTEGRATOR.



I don’t believe we met before… but I am ready for us to meet and start working together.

To be honest, I’m afraid of meeting you since all of my past attempts to bring in this role into my business… well they all failed.

I’m not sure if the blockages have all been removed regarding this next step in my life and career… which is why I’m hesitant and scared of making this move once again.

Sure, in the past, money was a much bigger concern and certainly a key factor in the reason why Sky Painting failed in 2009… but my need to have people like me and my inability to love and value myself were certainly a big factor 

But since then, I have learned to love myself… and in last few years, I’ve been able to trust more and feel I’m now ready to let go of the reigns and pass over the controls to someone else.

Maybe this person is you.

I have so many ideas and projects brewing in my mind and my...

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"Your answer becomes the foundation to how you view, perceive and experience this life that you are living"

SONG: Promise The World
Written & Performed by Remi Boudreau


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